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Uniform Requirements/Competition Area Requirements


For hygienic reasons all athletes are required to wear footwear at all times when not on the mat.

All competitors are required to keep their kimono top on while inside the competition area.

Fingernails and toenails must be trimmed and short.

Long hair must be secured with ONLY elastic restraints in a manner that will prevent it from interfering with the opponent.

Any braces or medical support wraps must NOT contain hard/rigid plastic (small plastic D-Ring OK) or ANY metal.

All athletes are required to be free from infectious skin conditions. The events medical staff will have final say in regards to allowing or not allowing an athlete to compete.



Adult kimono tops must exhibit a visible weave.

All gi competitors need a kimono of sufficient size (with arms extended sleeves must come within approximately 5 cm/2 in of the wrist bone, pants must come with 5 cm/2 in of the ankle bone. Sleeve and pants may not be so tightly fitting that it will impede the opponents’ ability to grab.) that is clean and free of odor, holes, and rips.

Kimono top and bottom must be same color.

A belt that is in good condition and the appropriate color for the division you are entering.

NO shirt or rashguard under the kimono top for male competitors.

NO undergarment that extends past the knee may be worn under the kimono pants,

NO wrestling shoes

NO headgear

NO Protective Cups

NO Jewelry and/or Exposed Piercings



All no gi competitors are required to wear a rashguard with short sleeves or long sleeves.

All male NoGi competitors must wear board shorts when competing (shorts must be no shorter than mid thigh and no longer than knee) A Lycra/Spandex pant or short may be worn under board shorts. Females may wear a tight fitting Lycra/Spandex pant or shorts.

Gi pants ARE NOT allowed for competing in no gi.

NO singlets

NO exposed pockets, buttons, or zippers.

NO wrestling shoes

NO headgear

NO Protective Cups

NO Jewelry and/or Exposed Piercings

Liberty Events reserves our right to refuse service to anyone.

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