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In 2020 we are continuing to acknowledge the top competitors with RevRanking. 

How does it work?


To get points an athlete will need to place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

  • 9 for 1st

  • 4 for 2nd 

  • 1 for 3rd

    *Open class brackets will not count towards ranking points.

Tie breakers for 1st place at the end of our 2019 series:

  • 1st tie breaker is number of matches won on the brackets you placed.

  • If still tied the 2nd tie breaker is number of submission wins.

  • If still tied the 3rd tie breaker is fastest total time for submissions.

To simplify the way points are calculated an athlete will be awarded the points for the division they compete in.

If an athlete registers for an age category or weight class that does not run but does place in another bracket at that event their points will be for the division that ran.

  • Example1: an athlete that registered for the Executive division but fought on the Master bracket will have their points be for the Master division they medaled in.

  • Example 2: An athlete registered for the 195 pound division but said they would compete up in weight and was on the bracket with a maximum weight of 208. They will have their ranking points for that bracket be in the 208 pound division.

     *A division must run at a minimum of 2 events to be awarded the end of year award.

Ranked athletes will be listed on the website after each event. Awards will be presented at the November event.

If there are any questions please send an email to and we will get your question answered.

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