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GI WEIGHT  *Weights are with full Gi & belt for Adults. *



At The Revolution we do not have predefined weight classes or age groupings for the youth and junior competitors. Our past events have shown us that predefined weight classes and age groupings are a limiting factor in getting athletes the best competition scenarios. We have found it also keeps parents from having their young athletes cut weight. We ask parents to register their competitors at their actual weight. We assemble brackets around the actual age and weight of the competitors registered for each event using a 2 year/10lb maximum rule of thumb. Whenever possible we try to separate the boys and girls starting age 10. However, we will not sacrifice the quality of a bracket to do so. We have ways to build brackets to give each athlete a fair chance to compete.  

We assemble brackets with care, separating teammates with the goal of having each athlete have a positive competition experience. If there are any questions you are welcome to contact us by email to or check the FAQs for helpful tips on registering your youth competitor.


*Youth Competitors Weigh WITHOUT Gi Top for Gi*

Liberty Events reserves our right to refuse service to anyone.

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