Info for The Revolution 41 Nov 9th Adult Gi & No Gi / Nov 10th Youth & Jr Gi & No Gi


LOCATION: Pacific Lutheran University - Olson Auditorium - 905 124th St. S. Tacoma, WA 98447


Things You Should Know About The Revolution 41


In 2019 we are continuing Ranking for all Adult, Master and Executive competitors. Details on the website at

Black Belt 50/30/20 Split Brackets *CASH PRIZE* Black belts pay $50 when registering That money is put into a pot that is separated per bracket. 1st place will get 50%, 2nd place will get 30%, and 3rd place will take 20%.

EXAMPLE: For a bracket of 8 it would be $200 to 1st, $120 to 2nd and $80 to 3rd.

100% of the money from Black belt registrations goes to the black belt placers. Weight classes are 145 & below, 165, 185, 205, 230, 230.1 & above. Weight classes are subject to adjustment depending on Black Belt registrations.


Master & Executive Divisions: We encourage all qualified athletes to take advantage of out Master Divisions (for athletes 30 years & over)

 and Executive Divisions (for athletes 40 years & over)

  • What’s the difference? You will be bracketed with athletes closer to your age. For Blue Belts and above matches are 1 minute shorter in length.

  • How do I qualify? By age. Your age is the only qualifying factor. It has nothing to do with BJJ experience.

  • If I qualify but don’t sign up as a Master or Executive, will you place me in that bracket?  No. It is the athlete’s responsibility to sign up.


Open Weight Divisions: for placers (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in the Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black belt divisions as well as the Intermediate and Advanced divisions. There will be no extra charge for entering these divisions. Athletes that want to compete will listen for the call overhead after their belt/skill division is completed. Master and Executive division placers will not have a unique Open Weight bracket but will have the option of registering for the belt/skill Open weight that will also have the Adult division placers.

At this time there will not be open weight divisions for youth and junior competitors. 


Coaching Credentials:  Please note: from now on, teams will still be allowed the same number of coaching credentials but Unregistered coaches will have to pay to get in. If your team does not register Your coaches, each unregistered coach will be charged the $5 entrance fee before they can receive their band. .

Also, moving forward there will be no exchanging bands during the event without both the band and the Head Coach there for the exchange.

Coaches can register at until noon Nov 8th

We appreciate your support on this.


Teams that have multiple locations please make sure to register each location independently. For team awards all points will be combined but for coaching credentials to get your full set of credentials each location must register their own coaches.


The credential tiers are:

1 athlete = 1 coach credential

2 or 3 athletes = 2 credentials

4 to 8 athletes = 3 credentials

9 to 12 athletes = 4 credentials

13 to 16 athletes = 5 credentials

16 to 20 athletes = 6 credentials

21 or more athletes = 8 credentials


Registration: online at


Oct 14th - Registration Opens:

       Youth & Juniors $50 Gi OR No-Gi/$70 Gi AND No-Gi

       Adults $55 Gi OR No-Gi/$85 Gi AND No-Gi

Oct 21st - Free T-Shirt Cut Off Ends at Midnight

Oct 28th - Early Registration Pricing Ends at Midnight

Oct 29th through Nov 4th

       Youth & Juniors $65 Gi OR No-Gi/$85 Gi AND No-Gi

       Adults $70 Gi OR No-Gi/$100 Gi AND No-Gi           

Nov 4th - REGISTRATION ENDS at 11:59pm (Please note NO Registrations will be accepted after 11:59pm. No Exceptions.)





Youth Competitors:

 Please register your Youth & Junior Competitor at their competition weight. Please be accurate.

  • Gi Competitors can

  • No Gi Competitors

  • Competitors competing in Gi & No Gi  

Youth competitors weighing above their registered weight might be disqualified and NOT RECEIVE A REFUND.


The Youth & Junior brackets will be made based on the submitted weights of registered competitors. Our general rule of thumb is within 10lbs & 2 years. We have found being able to tailor make the brackets allows for better competition/experience for all competitors. Please never have a youth competitor cut weight! If your child is in a bracket that doesn’t fall within our usual standard, you will receive a call and we will work out something that is best for everyone. Sometimes the best thing is a refund.


 Adult Men, Women, Masters & Executives:  IBJJF Weight Classes for Adult Gi & No Gi. Competitors will weigh dressed to compete.

  • Adult Gi Competitors

  • Adult No Gi (not only in undergarment)

  • Competitors competing in Gi & No Gi

Competitors weighing above their registered weight are subject to disqualification and NO REFUND.



Once Registration is closed NO changes are accepted, no exceptions.

**Estimated** schedule of CALL TIMES: (Official schedule will be posted at no later than noon on Nov 7th)               

Order of divisions Nov 9th:

Adults Gi and Adults No Gi:

8am Doors Open

9am Adult Gi Black, Brown & Purple will start to be called beginning with Black belts

10am Adult Blue Belts

12pm Adult White Belts


3:30pm Adult No Gi Advanced

4:15pm Adult Intermediate

5:20pm Adult Beginner (*Estimate last awards 6:45pm)


Order of divisions Nov 10th:

Youth and Juniors Gi, Youth and Juniors No-Gi.

We will be starting with the youngest white belts & then making our way up in age & then starting with the youngest grey belts, etc. When gi brackets are completed we will start no gi the same way, with youngest beginners. Then progressing through the beginners and then starting youngest intermediates, etc.


**Estimated** schedule of CALL TIMES: (Official schedule will be posted at no later than noon on Nov 7th)

8am Doors Open

9am Youth Rules Meeting

9:15 Youth Gi Matches Begin White Belts (directly after Rules Meeting)

Estimated 10:15am Grey

Estimated 11:35am Yellow

Estimated 12pm Orange

Estimated 12:15pm Green & Blue

Youth No-Gi will begin once all Gi Brackets have been called. (Estimated 12:45pm call time)

An announcement will be made prior to the start to allow youth beginners to change & warm up. (*Estimate last awards 4pm)


Spectators: Adults 16 & up $5 Children 15 & under FREE

Free onsite parking.  Concessions on site offering snacks and beverages.


If you need more information, please check FAQs at or call Jeff 206.947.6996.


We appreciate your support as we wrap up the 2019 series!  

Train hard, be safe & we will see you in November!


Thank you

Jeff & Gina Bourgeois