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Info for The Revolution 49 - June 17th / Adult Gi & No Gi  - June 18th / Youth & Jr Gi & No Gi

LOCATION: WA State Fair Events Center / Showplex Building - Blue Gate - Puyallup, WA 98371

Free parking in the Blue Lot


We will be continuing to use Smoothcomp. Those of you who have used Smoothcomp in the past will easily be able to log in to your account and register. Those of you new to Smoothcomp will appreciate the ease of which you can create an account to register, change weight, stay up to date on the registered competitor list, see your brackets once cast & even have live schedule updates for your mat the day of the event.

Master Divisions: We encourage all qualified athletes to take advantage of out Master 1 (for athletes 30 years & over)

Master 3 (for athletes 40 years & over) Master 5 (for athletes 50 years & over)

  • How do I qualify? By age. Your age is the only qualifying factor. It has nothing to do with BJJ experience.

  • What’s the difference?  You will be bracketed with athletes closer to your age.

        Master Black Belts, Brown Belts, Purple Belts & Advanced matches are 6 Minutes.

        Master Blue Belt, White Belt Intermediate and Beginner matches are 5 minutes.

        All Master 3 & Master 5 matches are 5 minutes long.

  • If I qualify but don’t sign up in a Master division, will you place me in that bracket?  No. It is the athlete’s responsibility

       to sign up in the bracket they want to compete in.

Competitor Lists: Competitor Lists can be viewed at the registrations tab on the event page.
We advise you to login on the last day of registration and check your details along with the competitor lists to make any necessary changes.

Warm Up Mats & Changing Rooms: Dedicated mats for warm up will be provided both days. There are no lockers at this location & no showers.

Medical: There will be trained First Aid medics on site.

Crowd Control:  Spectators are welcome to view the event from outside the barricades

Photography: You are welcome to take photos and videos from the spectator areas. We have many photographers on staff taking pictures from inside the barricades. Podium Photos are taken of each division. Photos can be found shortly after the event on the 'Past Events' page at

Coaching Credentials: Coaches with credentials will have access to the mats both Adult and Youth day.

As a reminder Coaches' bands are free. Entrance to the event as a Coach is free, as long as you register.  We do not, have not, and will not sell coaches bands.

However, if your team does not register your coaches, each unregistered coach will be charged the $10 entrance fee before they can receive their band.  The reason behind this is that we have had some issues in the past with parents and over eager "helpers" taking the coaches bands before the coaches have the opportunity to check in.

For this same reason, there will be no exchanging bands during the event without both the band and the Head Coach there for the exchange.


Teams that have multiple locations please make sure to register each location independently. For team awards all points will be combined but for coaching credentials to get your full set of credentials each location must register their own coaches.


The credential tiers are:

1 athlete = 1 coach credential

2 or 3 athletes = 2 credentials

4 to 8 athletes = 4 credentials

9 to 12 athletes = 6 credentials

13 to 16 athletes = 8 credentials

16 to 20 athletes = 10 credentials

21 or more athletes = 12 credentials


Registration: online at

MONDAY May 22nd - Registration Opens

      Youth/Juniors: $60 Gi or No-Gi / $95 Gi & No-Gi    Adults: $65 Gi or No-Gi / $100 Gi & No-Gi  

MONDAY May 22nd - Free T-Shirt Cut Off Ends at 11:59PM

MONDAY May 29th - Early Registration Pricing Ends at 11:59PM 

May 30th - June 12th:          

     Youth/Juniors: $77 Gi or No-Gi / $112 Gi & No-Gi    Adults: $82 Gi or No-Gi / $117 Gi & No-Gi

June 12th - REGISTRATION ENDS at 11:59PM *or earlier if capacity is reached

(No Registrations accepted after 11:59PM. No Exceptions.)




Youth Competitors:

 Please register your Youth & Junior Competitor at their competition weight. Please be accurate.

  • Gi Competitors can weigh in WITHOUT gi top

  • No Gi Competitors weigh in dressed to compete

  • Competitors competing in Gi & No Gi WILL WEIGH IN TWICE

Youth competitors weighing above their registered weight might be disqualified and NOT RECEIVE A REFUND.


The Youth & Junior brackets will be made based on the submitted weights of registered competitors. Our general rule of thumb is within 10lbs & 2 years. We have found being able to tailor make the brackets allows for better competition/experience for all competitors. Please never have a youth competitor cut weight! If your child is in a bracket that doesn’t fall within our usual standard, you will receive a call and we will work out something that is best for everyone. Sometimes the best thing is a refund.

Whenever possible we try to separate the boys and girls starting age 10. However, we will not sacrifice the quality of a bracket to do so. We have ways to build brackets to give each athlete a fair chance to compete.  


 Adult Men, Women, Masters & Executives:  IBJJF Weight Classes for Adult Gi & No Gi. Competitors will weigh dressed to compete.

  • Adult Gi Competitors wearing gi & belt

  • Adult No Gi dressed to compete (not only in undergarment)

  • Competitors competing in BOTH Gi & No Gi WILL WEIGH IN TWICE

Competitors weighing above their registered weight are subject to disqualification and NO REFUND.

Weigh Ins: Take place on the day of the event when your bracket is called. If you are registered for both Gi & NoGi you will weigh twice.  Competitors weighing above their registered weight or failing to show up for scheduled weigh-ins are subject to disqualification


Adult Gi - weigh-in with your full gi, including belt.
Adult NoGi - weigh-in dressed to compete.                 
Youth/Junior Gi - weigh-in in gi pants only.
Youth/Junior NoGi - weigh-in dressed to compete.



Once Registration is closed NO changes are accepted, no exceptions.

Doors Open: 8am | Event Starts: 9am Competitors must be checked in one hour before the scheduled start time of THEIR BRACKET not their individual match. If you miss the start of your bracket no refunds are given, no exceptions.

*Estimated* schedule of CALL TIMES: (Official schedule will be posted at June 15th)      


Order of divisions June 17th:

Adults Gi and Adults No Gi:

8am Doors Open

9am Adult Gi Black, Brown & Purple will start to be called beginning with Black belts

10am Adult Blue Belts

12pm Adult White Belts


3:30pm Adult No Gi Advanced

4:30pm Adult Intermediate

5pm Adult Beginner


Order of divisions June 18th:

Youth and Juniors Gi, Youth and Juniors No-Gi.

We will be starting with the youngest white belts & then making our way up in age & then starting with the youngest grey belts, etc. When gi brackets are completed we will start no gi the same way, with youngest beginners. Then progressing through the beginners and then starting youngest intermediates, etc.

*as the flow of the event begins to happen some mats may start to run faster than others, only in extreme circumstances will we adjust the brackets once on the mats, athletes can stay up to date with the flow of their bracket/mat on the Smoothcomp app


*Estimated* schedule of CALL TIMES: (Official schedule will be posted at June 15th)

8am Doors Open

9am Youth Gi Matches Begin White Belts

11am Grey

1pm Yellow

1:30pm Orange

2pm Green & Blue


3pm Youth Beginner

4pm Youth intermediate

5pm Youth Advanced

(*Estimate last awards 6pm)

Spectators: Under 12yrs - Free | 12yrs & older - $10 at the event | Seniors 65+ - $5

Parking: Please park at the Blue Gate Lot - FREE

Hotel: We recommend Fairfield by Marriot  $175/per night. Reserve by 5/26 Call 253.770.3100 mention 'The Rev 49' when you book

Brackets & Results: Brackets & final placements are live updated and readily available on the results tab of the event page.

Podium Photos will be posted on our website after the event.

Free T-Shirts: Competitors registering Before midnight MONDAY May 22nd receive a free event shirt.

T-shirts must be picked up during the event. Unclaimed t-shirts will not be mailed or otherwise distributed.

Other: Should the event reach capacity, we reserve the right to close online registration early.
Liberty Events and Promotions reserves our right to refuse service to anyone.

What to do When You Get to the Event:
Enter through the Blue Gate.

Every competitor will check-in at our front desk when they arrive.

Competitors registered in time for their free event shirt can go to the t-shirt booth to pick it up.

Competitors can stay up to date with the progress of their mat on screens provided or on their own phones.

Please check your weight as soon as you get to the event on one of the check weight scales and find your Ring Coordinator to address any issues.

Warm up mats are available. 

When your bracket is called  find your ring coordinator in the weigh-in area to get officially weighed in.

Competitors should be in the building and dresses to compete 1 hour before the estimated start time OF THEIR BRACKET not their individual match, which will be available once the brackets are cast the week of the tournament. Remember the schedule is live and subject to change. Refresh your screen often.

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