Established in 2006,

We are a local PacificNW company dedicated to advancing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi & no-gi competition in the Pacific Northwest.


It is our goal to organize quality tournaments where athletes can test their skills in a safe and fair environment.

Well shoot... things did not progress quite as we had hoped based on the original "Start Safe, Phased Approach". Pierce County is paused at Phase 2 and Phase 4, the Phase that allows for 'large sporting events', is on an indefinite hold by the Governor. Sadly, for these reasons, we are announcing that The Revolution planned for August will not be happening. (Sorry Cash! We will still send you a copy of the poster tho!)
Our current plan is to keep the November date on the calendar and an eye on the Phases. If Phase 4 happens in a time frame that allows us to get a event in before November we plan to do so. **Shout out to our venue, the Tacoma Armory, that has been so helpful and accommodating. We are so excited to hold an event in this amazing space as soon as we can.
In the meantime, we are so appreciative of all of you. The support of our BJJ community has really meant so much to us and we can not wait to do what we do again, providing you with a kickass tournament.

Please stay healthy & train safe.
Jeff & Gina Bourgeois

Upcoming Events



November 7th & 8th

Tacoma Armory - Tacoma WA


Thank You to the BJJ Community for Your Amazing Support

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