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We are a local company dedicated to advancing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi & no-gi competition in the Pacific Northwest.

It is our goal to organize quality Tournaments and Events where athletes can test their skills. 




The Revolution XXIV




We’d like to start off by saying thank you for the great support in starting our 2014 series at Pacific Lutheran University. With the new venue we were able to use 8 mats and have almost 600 individual athletes compete in 1 day. Having over 180 of those athletes competing in both gi and no gi it was the same as a tournament that had over 780 competitors, with a guaranteed second match. If you know someone that was on the staff that day please thank them for helping to put on a great event that helps the BJJ community become stronger. We greatly appreciate their working with us to grow the sport.


We really need to send a special thank you to the sponsors that go out of their way to support OUR community. Many of them spend hours on the mats training right along side of us. Knowing that they are members of our community is another strong reason to return the support that they are giving to you. Artlete, Beyond The Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery, Elite Massage Professionals, Itanji for great website support, Jitsu Gear, Origin Gi, VXRSI, & Vicious Fight Gear.


Now it is time to announce the top 3 academies for youth/juniors gi, no gi, and overall.




Youth/Juniors Gi 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW  196 Points


Youth/Juniors Gi 2nd Place         Marcelo Alonso BJJ  110 Points


Youth/Juniors Gi 3rd Place          Lotus Club  92 Points




Youth/Juniors No Gi 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW  88 Points     


Youth/Juniors No Gi 2nd Place         T-Town MMA  51 Points


Youth/Juniors No Gi 3rd Place          Iron Lion JJA  40 Points




Youth/Juniors Overall 1st Place         Gracie Barra NW  284


Youth/Juniors Overall2nd Place        Marcelo Alonso BJJ  147


Youth/Juniors Overall 3rd Place         T-Town MMA  118




As for the Adults….




Adult/Master Gi 1st Place        Gracie Barra NW  194 Points


Adult/Master Gi 2nd Place        Marcelo Alonso BJJ  70 Points


Adult/Master Gi 3rd Place        Ribeiro/Lovato NW  54 Points




Adult/Master No Gi 1st Place          Mat Chess MMA  51 Points


Adult/Master No Gi 2nd Place          Ribeiro/Lovato NW  40 Points


Adult/Master No Gi 3rd Place          T-Town MMA  32 Points




Adult/Master Overall 1st Place          Gracie Barra NW  213 Points


Adult/Master Overall2nd Place          Ribeiro/Lovato NW  94 Points


Adult/Master Overall 3rd Place          Marcelo Alonso BJJ  91 Points




We are excited to return to Pacific Lutheran University on July 26th for our summer event, The Revolution XXV. Train hard, train safe, and train often.




Save The Date…2014


The Revolution XXV – Saturday, July 26th

The Revolution XXVI -  Saturday, November 15th


 2014 save the date

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