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COVID19 and The Revolution

In accordance with WA state Dept of Health Order 20-03.6, it is a requirement for masks to be worn by both vaccinated and non vaccinated individuals indoors. Actively competing athletes are NOT required to wear them during their matches. Actively coaching coaches are not required to wear them. Actively reffing referees are not required to wear them.

Per Gov Jay Inslee's Feb 17th Press Conference (& verified by a call to Tacoma/Pierce County Health Dept) "Beginning March 1st we will no longer require vaccine verification for large events" Vaccine verification or proof of a negative COVID test is NOT required for The Revolution 45 - March 5th & 6th


Good hygiene has always been a priority to us and will continue to be so. We will continue to require athletes to keep their shoes on when not on the mats, especially in the bathroom. Mats will continue to have hand sanitizer and disinfectant for shared items, such as ankle bands, and we will schedule time between divisions to sanitize the mats.


We understand that not everyone is ready to return to crowded spaces and competitions, if this is you, we understand and respect your decision. Please sit this one out. If you have a Smoothcomp credit, it is not in danger of expiring. There are currently June and October dates on the schedule, so, if you're not ready, let those who are ready come out and compete and we will hope to see you again soon.

Think you may have COVID? Please DO NOT come. If you are a registered athlete contact us for next steps at


*As we have all become acutely aware this past year, things change. We will be staying up to date on any CDC, state and county regulations and following whatever the current guidelines or mandated required the day of the event.

We are all excited to have the community together at this event!
What we are asking to have this go as smoothly for as many people as possible:

1) Be respectful to everyone associated with this event. Good vibes all day! Our staff is here to help, they did not make these protocols. Please Be Kind.

2) If you are a competitor or credentialed coach and were exposed to someone that is positive or you are exhibiting symptoms that make you think you should not attend please email

3) Know there is a mask mandate in place for vaccinated and un-vaccinated persons.

4) We ask that if you do not have a medical condition or disability that prevents you from wearing a mask...wear one when you are inside.

5) Masks are not required to be worn for people that are ACTIVELY competing, actively coaching, or actively reffing.

6) If you are thinking about being a spectator and were exposed to someone that is positive or you are exhibiting symptoms please DO NOT ATTEND.

7) Work together to have everyone remember why our community is so awesome, so we can do this again soon.
Thank you,
Jeff and Gina



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